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It’s 1993, and you & your friends are just, like, a bunch of regular teens, you know? Or at least you were, until things got hella weird. Aliens? Magical powers? Saving the world!? As if. You’re just trying to, like, make it through high school! Can you get over all your drama and work together to take down the bad guys, or are you headed for a mondo gnarly time?

Teens with Attitude is a tabletop roleplaying game that lets 4-7 players create collaborative stories about a team of superpowered 90s teens. Think Animorphs, Power Rangers, or Captain Planet. You’ll fight sinister villains, wield bodacious powers, and deal with all the melodrama of high school. The game has everything you need to create the raddest 90s action show that never was.

Teens with Attitude is based on the Powered by the Apocalypse system. Simple rules, quick character & team creation, and a structured episode system get you right to all the action & drama. The game uses a resource called ATTITUDE to drive the story. Teens build it up as they experience complications in their lives, then spend it to do totally awesome stuff.

This Quickstart Edition includes:

  • A 6-page quickstart guide that walks you through your first session of the game.
  • 3 Team Playbooks to create a themed squad of heroes & their secret powers.
  • 6 Teen Playbooks to build a cast of archetypical 90s teenagers.
  • A Producer Playbook with everything you need to run the game as the GM.

Note that this version is the public beta of Teens with Attitude. The game is currently in development and will be regularly updated.


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