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Perhaps you were born a Muggle, and the whole Wizarding World is new to you. Or perhaps you've always known an owl would arrive with your acceptance letter. Either way, you're now a student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry. You and your friends will have to summon all your bravery, cunning, intellect, loyalty, and magical skill to face the forces of darkness, uncover the secrets of Hogwarts Castle, and outwit your rivals in other houses. And maybe even attend a class or two.

Hogwarts: An RPG is a free tabletop roleplaying game that lets you create collaborative stories in the world of the Harry Potter books & films.

The game uses simple rules, based on the Powered by the Apocalypse system, that let you get right to what’s fun about being a young witch or wizard at Hogwarts. Cast spells & brew potions, sneak around after curfew, play Quidditch, stand up for your friends & confound your rivals, and unravel mysteries in Hogwarts Castle. Learning the rules is easy & creating a character is quick, but the game supports long-term stories with lots of fun twists & turns.

Everything you need to create your own Harry Potter story is in one 17-page PDF.

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I'd love to see this expanded to allow for the characters to have their adventures away from the school, and to include other races. Muggles would have advantages over wizarding families in the muggle world, even if they can't do magic. Magic and technology don't tend to get along, so they would be able to help out in those ways. Players could be muggles, squibs, goblins, centaurs, etc if the players were away from school, say on summer holidays. We may try it out here to see how well it will work. I know most people will want to be wizards (obviously) but having the option could be fun. 


I like this system, I do think you can go into more detail about what wands you use. There are many to chose from to limit people to just those can be a little restricting, following this you could say that each wand gives you a bonus to a certain spell or proficiency. Finally, I know it's nigh impossible to list all spells, but you have missed some. I.e. Bombarda, feindfire and such. 

Great potential though

Thanks! I really appreciate the feedback. I tried to simplify as much as possible, so you're correct about things being left out. Feel free to hack the game and add in things like additional spells or wand types – neither of those would "break" the system


This looks really interesting. I'm doing something similar that happens after they leave Hogwarts. If you want to discuss it, I'd like that.

Sounds cool! I'd be down to chat about your project. Send me an email here


The descriptions for the choice of pets deeply amuses me.

1-2 Owl (Can send and receive mail)
3-4 Rat (Cannot send or receive mail)
5-6 Cat (Will not send or receive mail)


This is a wonderful little game that captures the heart of Hogwarts really well. Recommended for that alone - but it also does something really unique in PbTA design with its mystery mechanic - you could use this to port all sort of mystery games in a "play to find out" sort of way.